Wood County Engineer


Contact Person

  • Glenn Agner, Drainage Project Manager
    Phone: 419-354-9060
    Email: gagner@co.wood.oh.us

Wood County Drainage Statistics

  • Man-made county ditches and natural streams under maintenance = 204 equaling 571 Miles.
  • Ditch enclosures = 22 systems equaling six (6) miles.
  • Open water courses equaling approximately 3,000 miles.


County Ditch Maintenance

  • Clean, repair, and construct county maintained ditches to insure proper drainage
  • Monitor and maintain three (3) county retention/detention ponds, four (4) pump stations, and 12 subdivision storm sewers
  • Approve changes in watershed drainage
  • Septic permit (in cooperation with the Health Department) and field tiling

Petitions for Ditch Maintenance

  • Execute the legal process needed to initiate ditch construction/ reconstruction via the petition process.
  • For petition process and application information, contact the Office of the Wood County Engineer.

Special Assessments

  • Provide information to the Wood County Auditor's Office for the purpose of determining special ditch assessments.

Drainage Projects

Maintenance Projects

  • Projects scheduled as requested by property owners

Culvert Projects

  • Approximately 10-15 County Road culverts to be replaced

Ditch Petition Projects

  • Portage River Project
    To see a map of Portage River South and East (ditch number 2473) click here.
Petitioner Ditch Number Township(s) Stage
Jack Sterling 2467 Henry Pending
Tom Smith 2468 Plain & Washington Completed
Liberty Township Trustees 2471 Liberty & Portage Pending
Jack Stearns, Et al (Joint County) 2473 Wood County: Perry, Montgomery, Freedom, Bloom, Portage, Fostoria Corp. Seneca County: Big Springs, Loudon, Jackson & Fostoria Corp. Hancock County: Big Lick, Washington, Cass & Fostoria Corp. Pending
Galen Emch 2475 Perrysburg Pending
Bruce Dewese 2476 Weston & Grand Rapids Pending

Permits and Procedures

The following permits are available at the Wood COunty Engineer's Office. Please call 419-354-9060 for procedures on obtaining and applying for permits.

  • Driveway Culverts / Private Culvert Permit
  • Permission to Connect / Storm Tap Permit
  • Road Bore / Road Cut Permit
  • Work in County Road Right-of-Way Permit

All permits will be available electronically in PDF file format in the near future. Please check back.