Wood County Engineer

Township Maps

To open a township or jurisdiction map (PDF image file), click the 'Map' link coordinating with the specific township or jurisdiction in a table below. You may need to upgrade your Adobe Viewer in order to view the PDF file and use the zoom feature. A link for free upgrading is provided below.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

To print a township or jurisdiction map, open the map link, go to 'File' and select 'Print Setup' from the drop-down menu. Next you will select 'Legal, 8.5x14 in.' for the paper size and 'Landscape' for the paper orientation. Click 'OK'. Finally, go back to the 'File' drop-down menu and select 'Print'. Then click 'OK'. You will need legal size paper in your printer to receive a complete printout of the township map.

The missing jurisdiction maps will be available for viewing and printing upon their completion.

Township Website Map
Bloom Unavailable Download Map in PDF
Center http://www.woodcountytownships.com/center.html Download Map in PDF
Freedom http://www.woodcountytownships.com/freedom.html Download Map in PDF
Grand Rapids http://www.woodcountytownships.com/grandrapids.html Download Map in PDF
Henry http://www.woodcountytownships.com/henry.html Download Map in PDF
Jackson http://www.woodcountytownships.com/jackson.html Download Map in PDF
Lake http://www.woodcountytownships.com/lake.html Download Map in PDF
Liberty http://www.woodcountytownships.com/liberty.html Download Map in PDF
Middleton http://www.woodcountytownships.com/middleton.html Download Map in PDF
Milton http://www.woodcountytownships.com/milton.html Download Map in PDF
Montgomery http://www.woodcountytownships.com/montgomery.html Download Map in PDF
Perry http://www.woodcountytownships.com/perry.html Download Map in PDF
Perrysburg http://www.woodcountytownships.com/perrysburg.html Download Map in PDF
Plain http://www.woodcountytownships.com/plain.html Download Map in PDF
Portage http://www.woodcountytownships.com/portage.html Download Map in PDF
Troy http://www.woodcountytownships.com/troy.html Download Map in PDF
Washington http://www.woodcountytownships.com/washington.html Download Map in PDF
Webster http://www.woodcountytownships.com/webster.html Download Map in PDF
Weston Unavailable Download Map in PDF

Jurisdiction Website Map
Bairdstown Unavailable Unavailable
Bloomdale Unavailable Unavailable
Bowling Green http://www.bgohio.org/ Unavailable
Bradner Unavailable Unavailable
Custar Unavailable Unavailable
Cygnet Unavailable Unavailable
Fostoria http://www.ci.fostoria.oh.us/ Unavailable
Grand Rapids http://www.grandrapidsohio.com/ Unavailable
Haskins http://haskinsvillage.org/ Unavailable
Hoytville Unavailable Unavailable
Jerry City Unavailable Unavailable
Luckey Unavailable Unavailable
Millbury Unavailable Unavailable
Milton Center Unavailable Unavailable
North Baltimore Unavailable Unavailable
Northwood http://www.ci.northwood.oh.us/ Unavailable
Pemberville http://www.pemberville.org/ Unavailable
Perrysburg http://www.ci.perrysburg.oh.us/ Unavailable
Portage Unavailable Unavailable
Risingsun Unavailable Unavailable
Rossford http://www.rossfordohio.com/ Unavailable
Tontogany Unavailable Unavailable
Walbridge http://www.walbridgeohio.org/ Unavailable
Wayne Unavailable Unavailable
West Millgrove Unavailable Unavailable
Weston http://www.westonohio.org/ Unavailable