Drainage Department




571 miles of county ditches and natural streams under maintenance.


Approximately 3,000 miles of open water courses throughout Wood County.


County Ditch Maintenance Program


The Wood County Engineer is responsible for the cleaning, repair, and construction of county maintenance ditches to ensure proper drainage.


Additionally, The Wood County Engineer is responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of three county retention/detention ponds, four pump stations, and 12 subdivision storm sewers.


The Wood County Engineer is responsible for the approval of changes in maintenance watershed drainage.


The Wood County Engineer is also responsible for septic permitting and field tiling.


Petitions for Ditch Maintenance


The County Engineer executes the legal process needed to initiate ditch construction and ditch reconstruction via the Ditch Petition Process.


Please contact the Wood County Engineer for information regarding the petition process, including application information.


Ditch Construction Projects 


Petitioner Ditch Number Township(s) Stage
Jack Stearns, Et. al (Joint County) 2473 Wood, Seneca, and Hancock Counties Pending
Galen Emch 2475 Perrysburg Pending
Bruce Dewese 2476 Weston and Grand Rapids Pending
Gary Conklin 2479 Plain and Washington Pending


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County Maintenance Program Map (Updated 7/6/2016)

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