About the Wood County Storm Water Management Program

The Wood County Engineer's Office is responsible for storm water management on behalf of the Wood County Commissioners, as well as Lake, Middleton, Perrysburg, and Troy Townships as well as the City of Rossford and Villages of Millbury and Walbridge.


The Wood County Engineer's Office coordinates activities among the various stakeholders, providing support for each of the Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) outlined in the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's (Ohio EPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.


Why Storm Water?

Storm water runoff can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants which then flow into storm sewers, or directly into a body of water. Anything that flows into a storm sewer is considered a discharge, and enters the system untreated. It then eventually makes its way into the water the we use for drinking, and recreation.



In February 2014, the Wood County Commissioners passed two resolutions with regard to storm water. Sediment & Erosion Control allows the Wood County Engineer to operate the construction and post-construction portions of our NPDES Permit requirements. Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination allows us to operate the illicit discharge portions of the NPDES Permit.


2017 Wood County Stormwater Resolution (New)

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination






Effective July 1, 2016 there will be a new fee schedule for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) review. Fees must be paid to the Wood County Engineer prior to approval of the plans. Below is the fee schedule:


Area Disturbed Fee
0 - 5 Ac. $ 1,150.00
5 - 6 Ac. $ 1,250.00
6 - 7 Ac. $ 1,350.00
7 - 8 Ac. $ 1,450.00
8 - 9 Ac. $ 1,550.00
9 - 10 + Ac. $ 1,650.00



Below is the fee schedule for single lot(s) within platted subdivisions (those that must complete the single lot form). Fees must be paid to the Wood County Engineer prior to approval.


Number of Lots Fee
1 Single Lot Form (1 - 4 Lots) $ 450.00
2 Single Lot Forms (5 - 8 Lots) $ 500.00
3 Single Lot Forms (9 - 12 Lots) $ 550.00
4 Single Lot Forms (13 - 16 Lots) $ 600.00
Any additional forms will be charged an additional $50 per form





Storm Water Mapping Applications

Home Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS / Septic Systems)

With our Home Sewage Treatment System application you can search and view the HSTS that are extant throughout Wood County. This application is intended for reference use only.

The Home Sewage Treatment System application utilizes ArcGIS Online which works best with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 or greater (there is limited support with Internet Explorer 8), and the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.