• Special Haul Permit- This permit authorizes the Applicant to move on roads under county jurisdiction a vehicle, object, or structure which exceeds the maximum size or weight specified in the Ohio Revised Code Section 5577.01 to 5577.07 inclusive, or otherwise not in conformity with section 4513.01 to 4513.37, inclusive of the Revised Code.

  • Work in County Right of Way- This permit authorizes the Applicant to work within the County Right of Way and allows for them to partake in various different installation and maintenance activities related to the Right of Way.

  • Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan- This form is a common requirement of TMACOG’s Stormwater Coalition member jurisdictions in Lucas and Wood counties. Check with each local reviewing agency for specific site plan submittal requirements.

  • Single Lot SWP3 Application- For a Single Lot Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Application to be considered complete by the Wood County Engineer’s Office it must include the following:
  1. Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Notice of Intent (NOI) Approval – please provide a copy of our approval letter with the application. SWP3 approval will not be granted until a copy has been provided to this office. 
  2. Copies of Your Plot Plan(s) 
  3. Construction start dates must be indicated. 
  4. Please sign and date the form, by signing you are acknowledging you are aware of your responsibilities as applicant, and are aware of the ramifications of non-compliance. Unsigned copies will not be accepted.

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