Highway Garage

On County Roads, contact the highway garage for removal of road kill, damaged mailboxes from snow plowing (see mailbox policy), downed signs and barricades.

None at this time.

Phone: 419-354-9071

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County Roads The Wood County Engineer is responsible for the maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, and paint striping for 245 miles of county roads.

Additionally, the Wood County Engineer is responsible for keeping and maintaining all traffic safety signage for those roads.

Township RoadsThe Wood County Engineer serves as engineering advisor to the townships who are responsible for 790 miles of township roads.



Baker and Warns Drive Resurfacing (Lake Twp)

Grant and Insley Road Resurfacing Henry Twp and Bloom Twp.

Sugar Ridge Road                                                              12.0 Miles    




Cygnet Road (Bloom & Perry)

         8.5 Miles

Wayne Road (Montgomery & Perry)                    

        2.9 Miles

Fostoria Road (Lake)

        3.0 Miles

Hanley Road (Lake) 

        0.5 Miles

Warns Road (Lake)                                             

        0.4 Miles

Napoleon Road (Center)                                        

        1.0 Mile


Mermill Rd

Robinson Rd

Garling Rd

Wayne Rd

Rangeline Rd

Cygnet Rd

Huffman Rd

Devils Hole Rd

Pemberville Rd



Various Roads-Centerline Striping                                         56.00 mi 

Various Roads-Edge Line Striping                                             32.00 mi

2017 Projects
Road Name Cost
Pemberville Road Resurfacing - S.R. 582 to U.S. 20/23 Completed Construction Cost: $458,345
Roachton-Hull Prairie Road Roundabout Estimated Construction Cost: $844,983

Surface Treatment
Liberty Hi Road (Henry Township) 0.94 mile $11,096.41
Liberty Hi Road (Henry Township) 0.2 mile     $2,758.69
Dixie Highway East (Bloom Township) 0.5 mile     $6,853.68
Eagleville Road (Bloom Township) 0.5 mile $6,636.17
Leathers Road (Bloom Township) 0.7 mile $9,221.16
Linwood Road (Center Township) 0.5 mile $6,636.17
Silverwood Road (Center Township) 0.9 mile     $11,806.15
Lime City Road (Perrysburg Township) 4 miles   $51,873.47
Pemberville Road (Troy Township) 1.5 miles $20,213.64
Tontogany Road (Washington Township) 2.6 miles $33,778.55
Wapakoneta Road (Weston & Grand Rapids Townships) 2.1 miles $26,402.55

2016 ProjectsResurfacing

Road Name Cost
Tracy Road (Lake & Perrysburg Townships) 1.75 miles $428,357.89
Sand Ridge Road (Weston, Milton, & Plain Townships) 5.7 miles $189,015.04

Surface Treatment
Road Name Cost
Huffman Road (Portage Township) 1.5 miles $16,390.01
Poe Road (Plain Township) 1.0 mile $10,702.09
East Broadway (Lake Township) 3.55 miles $34,877.04
Genoa Road (Lake & Troy Townships) .75 mile $11,997.92
Bloomdale Road (Bloom Township) .75 mile $3,957.72
Huffman Road (Bloom Township) 4.7 miles $33,200.01
Stony Ridge Road (Webster & Troy Townships) 3.75 miles $32,173.92

Road Project Manager:  Jason Sisco, P.E., P.S.

P: (419) 354-9060 E: F: (419) 354-1409