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The Wood County Sheriff Wasylyshyn’s Department is using an innovative idea to save over $57,000 a year on vehicle maintenance costs. Through partnering with The Wood County Highway Garage (WCHG), the Sheriff’s Department has been able to get routine maintenance performed on their vehicles at a much lower cost.
Before this change was made, the Department budgeted an average of $84,000 a year for vehicle maintenance services, and many common repairs were being outsourced to private vendors. The WCHG felt they could be more efficient and cost-effective. Key players from both agencies met and researched the needs of the Department’s 52 vehicles. After compiling all of the research, it was determined that the Sheriff’s Department would make the transition to the county garage for any work needed that was not covered under warranty.
With vehicle maintenance brought back in-house, the total expenses for 2020 were only $26,354; a huge savings of over $57,000 a year. In addition to the cost savings, the move has provided a slew of other benefits. The County highway garage has been able to keep a spare patrol vehicle on-site at their facility. Now, if any major work needs to be performed on a vehicle, deputies can continue their duties while their vehicle is repaired. The mechanics have also learned how to install and build out any equipment that goes inside of a new patrol vehicle preparing to hit the streets. This helps to save around $5,000 per installation compared to the cost of outsourcing.
The partnership between these two Wood County agencies essentially keeps all the money within Wood County general funds, makes the Sheriff’s Department more efficient, and saves taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

CONGRATULATIONS  Chris Heinze and crew on a job well done.��
(Pictured below from left to right: Carleton Swanson, Chris Heinze, Evan Sharp, Clayton Pahl)
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