Survey Number Explanation

Surveys are filed under the township they are located in with the exceptions of the incorporated cities of Northwood, Perrysburg and Rossford.  The three cities each have a separate folder.  Each survey is uniquely named in its respective folder based upon the tax parcel number assigned to the subject parcel by the Wood County Auditor with a couple of exceptions explained below. 

  • A sample file name for a survey in Freedom Township is 5120101-0002.  The first three digits (512) reflect the town and range, in this case, Town 5 North, Range 12 East.  The next two digits (01) represent the section number, which for the example is 01.  The next two digits (01) reflect the quarter section the parcel is located in, with the northwest quarter being 01, northeast quarter 02, southwest quarter 03, and southeast quarter 04.  This is a different method of numbering than most surveyors are accustomed to, however, it is the method developed for taxing purposes by the Auditor.  The last four digits (0002) represent the survey number assigned by the Wood County Engineer when the survey was filed, so in the example, this survey was the second survey filed in Freedom Township and was numbered 2.

It should be noted the file name may not match the Auditor’s tax parcel number exactly.  Each survey was numbered to reflect the quarter section location, but not every section was divided into quarter sections by the Auditor, i.e., the tax parcel number may begin N54-312-1000, but the survey would be numbered 3121002 because it is a parcel in the northeast quarter of section 10. 

Additional Examples
  • 4121203-0059 = T 4 N, R 12 E, Section 12, Southwest Quarter, Survey Number 59.  This survey is part of parcel number L47-412-1200-00-026.000
  • 4113301-0212 = T 4 N, R 11 E, Section 33, Northwest Quarter, Survey Number 212.  This survey is part of parcel number S64-411-3300-00-007.001
  • 6113602-0174 = T 6 N, R 11 E, Section 36, Northeast Quarter, Survey Number 174.  This survey is part of parcel number W75-611-3600-00-001.001

Using the tax parcel number format applies for parcels in the incorporated villages and cities as well.  You will need to know the town, range, and section of a parcel to locate the parcel within the municipalities.  For example, 5101303-0047 is a survey of lots 4639, 4640, 4643 in Bowling Green Corporation.  As you can see the file format follows the tax parcel for these lots and not the lot numbers themselves.



There are two exceptions to the format of following the tax parcel in the file naming process.  River Tracts were all assigned 500 for the first three digits and Road Tracts were all assigned 600 for the first three digits.  The River Tracts and Road Tracts were not divided into quarters.  Therefore, if you have a parcel of land located in River Tract 53, the file name would be 5005300 followed by the survey number.  The same goes for Road Tracts, a parcel in Road Tract 22 would be numbered 6002200 followed by the survey number.


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